Krizė ir ekonominė atsakomybė

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Austrijos finansų analizės ir investicijų valdymo asociacijos prezidento Fritz Mostboeck publikacija “The Crisis and Economic Responsibility ” (angliškai).

Jos turinys trumpai:

Every crisis - be it financial or economic, a crisis of confidence or the debt crisis - demands a comprehensive and responsible approach

* We live in a global debt crisis

* Quantitative easing is not showing us a way out of the crisis

* Rating agencies - yes, but changes are necessary

* Japan and Germany: suddenly nuclear power is no longer indispensable

* The future must be founded on innovation and reduction

* The 50 specific approaches listed in "Economic Responsibility 3.0" (June 2011) are still valid

Responsibility and the crises - further action and ideas for coping and avoiding.